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Sino-K medical 2022 conference successfully concluded
time: 2022-01-18

Success is accompanied by hardship, joy is accompanied by sweat. The original intention remains unchanged, and intensive cultivation will eventually lead to a long way.

Looking back, we are full of pride; Looking forward to the future, we have an important task on our shoulders. The past year has been a year of bumper harvest and fruitful achievements. We have dreams and never forget to act; We have a goal, so we have been struggling. We believe that passion creates infinite possibilities. The ox rushes to the future, and the tiger brings good luck. Entering 2022, Sino-K medical personnel will continue to ride the wind and waves and cut through thorns and thorns in the new year.

On January 14, 2022, the grand ceremony of 2022 Sino-K medical annual meeting with the theme of "innovative technology · smart leading the future" arrived as scheduled.

Speech by general manager of Sino-K medical

With warm applause, the general manager made an opening speech. First of all, he extended a warm welcome to all the guests present and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the employees.

Thanks to the efforts and persistence of Sino-K medical family, we have withstood the test of the market in this year, shouldered all the hardships, and walked through the ups and downs of this road. In the face of 2022, Sino-K medical will accumulate experience in previous practice, plough forward and create brilliance!

Honor recognition - pay tribute to the outstanding and walk with the example

The harvest comes from unremitting efforts, and the achievements come from the accumulation of sweat. These award-winning excellent employees are unknown in their respective posts, contribute their own strength to the development of Sino-K medical treatment, and set the benchmark of excellent Zhongcang people with their own practical actions, which is worth learning from every Sino-K people.

Annual meeting site

Lottery link

In addition to the celebration, don't save encouragement and affirmation. The expected lottery link will run through the whole party, and it will also be the most exciting moment in the grand ceremony of the annual meeting.

Many lucky draw links were set up at the annual meeting. Round after round of lucky draw prizes and red envelopes poured in. The posture can be not handsome, but the speed must be fast!!!

"Looking up is spring, looking down into autumn" through the joy of the year of the ox, we are walking with firm steps, with firm faith, listening to the singing of the new year and entering the auspicious year of the tiger. We have been united for a long time, and the years are growing. Sino-K medical will leave the old and welcome the new with you. May the year of the tiger be auspicious!

2022, let's

Tiger tiger! Remain true to our original aspiration! Forge ahead!