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Quality Inspection
Every product, from the procurement of raw materials and every production process, to the final product inspection and packaging, strictly implements the ISO13485 management system quality inspection process requirements to do every step, pay attention to every detail, and achieve perfect products.
This process requires skilled sewing workers to perform operations. Operators are required to have proficient sewing skills, have rich experience in using electric sewing machines, border machines, electric scissors, etc., and be able to make models according to drawings or samples. Have a certain ability to recognize common fabrics. The equipment used can handle simple faults. In the process of implementing this process, it is required to closely cooperate and support the work of inspectors at all levels of the quality inspection department, respect their inspection results, and implement the quality inspection department's correction of quality problems and repairs to sew the perfect finished product.
Injection molding
Product injection molding adopts 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons vertical injection molding, and plastic parts molding adopts 80 tons horizontal injection molding machine. The materials used are medical grade TPU, PVC, ABS747, PE, PP, PC, nylon and other raw materials. Color master injection molding
Precision mold
Product professional precision injection mold design and manufacture, focusing on various medical precision injection molding molds, high-quality precision molds can improve product quality assurance. Preparation of mold manufacturing process regulations, mold materials and heat treatment, mold parts blank preparation, mold parts machining, CNC machine tool processing, various special processing and electrochemical processing, mold computer-aided manufacturing, machining center programming, mold assembly technology, molds Inspection and mold high-speed cutting technology.
Pressure needle
The raw material is nylon (PA66) injection molded plugs, and the hardware is made of brass gold. Every production process is hand-made, to the processing of flat products, every step is done in accordance with strict requirements, paying attention to every detail to achieve a perfect product
Welding is the use of heating or other methods to attract and penetrate each other between the welding and the welded metal, and rely on the cohesion between the atoms to make the two metals permanently and firmly bonded, in order to ensure the production quality of related products and ensure consistent product quality Performance, the essence of soldering, enables the soldering process of electric irons to meet the requirements and ensure the stable quality of the process.
Imported electronic components
The built-in electronic components uniformly use imported TE, OSI sensors, integrated chips, and KOA resistors. Using imported electronic components to solve medical solutions with high precision and high quality, Nakacang regards innovation as a tool to solve complex customer challenges. This concept has not only helped us create many leading electronic medical solutions, but also helped build a globally recognized company. Through industry-standard products, high-performance teams and global collaboration processes, we are committed to predicting future demand and helping customers design breakthrough products to make the world a better place.
Part of the vulcanization process is made by semi-self-service machines, and is within the controllable range of the standard; each manual vulcanization process can be as perfect as carving after careful and dedicated process.
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